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 Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute Empowers Alabama Students in a Week of Learning

SYLDI Summer Program 2017 trip from the Alabama State Capitol to the US Capitol with a week teaching 27 participating students skills in innovation, technology, coding, financial literacy, advocacy, public policy and cultural heritage.

Birmingham, AL (July 17, 2017) – Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute’s module seven, in its 8-week summer learning program, focuses on teaching the 27 participating students life skills in education and economics. 

1-1SYLDI was founded by Mrs. Doris Crenshaw of Montgomery, Alabama who spent her life activating, motivating and mentoring youth, passed on to her from extraordinary leaders in the civil rights movement.  Mrs. Doris Crenshaw was mentored by Mrs. Rosa Parks and served as the Vice President of the NAACP youth council in Montgomery at the young age of twelve (12). “Mentoring is critically important to help youth navigate a very complicated education and economic system.  It is important that students understand that their job is to show up ready to discover and innovate”, said Mrs. Crenshaw.  Showing up prepared to take advantage of these resources from national experts is critical.

Mrs. Crenshaw worked with the founder of OMG Media Solutions, Monique Linder in March 2017 to bring #YesWeCode Hackathon to students at MPACT in Montgomery, Alabama.  The coding curriculum allows students to continue to develop their coding skills on their own to find their passion, said Ms. Linder

Mrs. Crenshaw encourages community leaders, policy makers and corporations to act now to help students navigate their way towards academic success and for everyone to get involved in educating our youth beyond the classroom.  With the support from partners like Alabama State Board of Education, Alabama Power Company, Porch Creek Indians, Montgomery County Commission, McGraw Hill and Hyundai USA, we can change the education and economic trajectory for youthin the State of Alabama.

The train ride to Washington, DC begins in Birmingham, AL on July 17th  at 2pm from the Amtrak station, with a send-off from Alabama Power before at 10:00am.   The technology and innovation training begins on the Amtrak with a stop in Atlanta before heading to Washington, DC. with strategy and skills training in communications, media, collaboration and technology and ends with students learning the fundamentals of basic coding in HTML5 and CSS.  Upon arrival, the students will continue on with a busy week of scheduled events through Thursday when the students head home arriving in Birmingham, AL Friday afternoon.


Day Description


Tuesday, July 18

Financial Literacy Day

Operation Hope – John Hope Bryant, SunTrust, US Treasury

Wednesday, July 19

Policy Day

Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, Senator Lamar Alexander, Congresswomen Sewell and Roby, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial

Thursday, July 20

Heritage Day

Hyundai Motors, Zafar Brooks, National Museum of African American History and Culture

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About Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute (SYLDI)

SYLDI’s mission is to provide opportunity to youth through programs that create policy change in education and protection of voter’s rights based on the legacy of civil rights leaders that gave their lives fighting for freedom and human rights for all. SYLDI established in Montgomery, Alabama in 2004 to train youth 12-18 years of age to combat the inequalities of education. SYLDI inspires, cultivates and trains youth with leadership potential to bring about a more disciplined approach to problem identification and resolution of issues that impact our education policies. More information at: https://www.syldi.org

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