Rocks The Schools with Citizen Stewart Episode 68 About

The Least Of Them . . .What Would Jesus Do?


with distinguished guests CEO of Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, Dr. Charles Morgan and Civil Rights Attorney, Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds

Saint Paul, MN (September 5, 2016) –  Rock the Schools with Citizen Stewart, Episode 68, was recorded live from the great Minnesota Get-Together with Minneapolis NAACP President, Dr. Nekima Levy-Pounds and Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities CEO, Dr. Charles Morgan.   In a powerful conversation with host Chris Stewart, the show focused on challenging people of faith to live out their faith in a way that mirrors the foundation of Jesus, in the way He radically served the poor and the least of those living amongst us in society.

Concentrated PovertyIn the city of St. Paul, Minnesota (Ramsey County), the epicenter of extreme poverty, lives the largest communities of color in the State of Minnesota, according to 2014 US Census data.  To put these numbers in perspective, roughly 27% of Ramsey County’s population of 532,655 persons represented Black, Hispanic and Asian ethnicities, in a county with a 16.9 poverty rate, 1.1% higher than the national poverty threshold.  Ramsey County has areas of concentrated poverty (shown in red), where 40% of its population lives below the national poverty threshold.  Union Gospel Mission serves the poor in this epicenter of poverty.  In this episode of Rock The Schools titled “About The Least of Them, What Would Jesus Do? Chris Stewart talks to Dr. Morgan and Dr. Levy-Pounds from a faith-based perspective about his focus on saving the minds of black children in public schools, where he feels their brains are being diminished in classrooms around the United States.

 Dr. Charles Morgan talks about the least of these from his faith and belief that Jesus is about being and changing systemic problems that perpetuate poverty.  Dr. Morgan stated: “It is going to take people of strong moral character.  Jesus was a radical in his determination to help the least of them.  We must be radical in our determination to stand up to what is seemingly impossible.” 

 Dr. Levy-Pounds stated: “It is the least of these that drives her work daily and she reflects often on how she uses her resources to serve the least of these.  Jesus was killed due to his radical approach. It is going to take a shift in our consciousness and actions in order for change to happen. We need a revolution of values.”

 About Rock-The-Schools with Citizen Stewart

Stewart’s mission with “Rock The Schools” is to “create greater educational opportunity for black communities by grounding the school reform debate in black history and transformative black thought.”  Stewart believes “this is done by challenging the dominant trope of anti-school reform activism, and illustrating connections between the liberationist principles of yesterday’s black struggles, and today’s education proposals (e.g. “privatization,” school choice, and charter schools).”  Stewart’s tag “Public education for an educated public” begs the question of accountability . . . does public education meet the standards of an educated public when students are not achieving academic success?  Stewart is a writer, speaker, essayist and education activist from Minnesota.  Stewart began recording his Rock-The-Schools podcast in early March 2015 and releases a new episode weekly.  Rock The Schools with Citizen Stewart is available on iTunes, audioboom.com105thevibe.com and under podcast at citizenstewart.org.  Rock the Schools is supported by Youthprise, Citizen.Education, Education Post and OMG Media Solutions.

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