A Message from the CEO of OMG Digital Media Solutions

Photo Credit: Desiree Benton Wells, DASH Collective Location: The Coven, St. Paul, MN
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Last week, I spent a lot of alone time in our new studio located in the North Loop area of Minneapolis thinking about another crisis period in my life, which felt much like what we are experiencing today. I am sharing my story of the Northridge Earthquake that I leaned into to help me shift mentally to embrace a new normal that will become a part of our past history. We will recover. Our children will be fine. The world will rebuild itself.

It was January 17, 1994 at 4:30am, when the Northridge Earthquake hit the San Fernando Valley in California hard. It literally knocked me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. We lived in the city of Woodland Hills, CA, located next to the epicenter of the quake. The audio recording below describes the moments before and after the quake hit, which left our city and home in ruins. My two youngest daughters, Chloe and Gabriela were eight and six years old at the time. At the time and place of the crisis, it was hard to imagine recovery.

Northridge Earthquake, 1994.

“Reliving the Northridge Earthquake was a reminder that we are built strong by a mighty God to survive crisis moments like we are experiencing today. In our small community of Woodland Hills, we prayed for the injured and mourned the 57 people who lost their lives. It was extremely hard in the moment. We witnessed fear, pain and economic destruction. We saw the crisis make people do things that we never imagined they would do. We survived.” -Monique Linder

I hope this story helps you manage the Coronavirus pressure you are feeling and to prepare yourself for what comes next. The expectations you have of yourself right now are raw and filled with emotion. Don’t discount your feelings. They are real. It is a moment to focus on authenticity and a realistic plan of progression. Exercise regularly. Reject negativity. Meditate. Wake up early. Have meaningful conversations with family and friends. Laugh. Love. Everyday is a blessing.

The Northridge Earthquake recovery took years. Prepare yourself mentally for a 12-18 month crisis and the recovery that will follow.

For now, the OMG Media team will continue to develop our creative space and reschedule our launch event to celebrate the Black women business owners featured in Fearless Commerce, Volume III, which we were planning. We continue to produce original digital content, developing our new entertainment app and brainstorming innovative and creative solutions with our clients.

What matters most is staying healthy to keep moving forward. Peace.

Monique Linder is the Founder of OMG Digital Media Solutions located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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