The truth is, TIME IS UP. Businesses can no longer go on business as usual without taking a stance and speaking out against racism and injustice of all kinds. Why? Because it is the right thing to do and the only option for businesses to survive this moment and come out better and stronger.


OMG Media Solutions, a BLACK women-owned media agency, already has a proven track record of transforming big businesses into successful, socially conscious enterprises.  We have advised many businesses including the Minnesota State Fair, where OMG Media's multicultural marketing and outreach strategy, implemented in 2016, has contributed to record-breaking attendance and sales since its inception.


Which is why we have decided to launch Black Label, a new division of OMG Media Solutions, comprised of some of the top thinkers in business and media strategy, with a sophisticated approach to race issues. Black Label's expert team of consultants are available to help your business with strategic communications and consulting on cultural change, as the messaging is meaningless if the actions don't match.


Contact Black Label today to set up a complimentary, initial consultation.

Black Label


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