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 This celebration of women’s activism in Montgomery, Alabama takes place Saturday, March 4th with a “Purple Carpet Event” and “Spirit of Rosa Parks Awards” hosted by comedian Jonathan Slocumb.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (January 18, 2017) – Mrs. Rosa Parks’ activism started ten years before she refused to give up her seat on the metro bus on December 1, 1955. Her act of courage and hope gave birth to the civil rights movement. It was Rosa Parks’ struggle to get justice for Recy Taylor that laid the foundation for the civil rights movement. Rosa Parks’ self-determination, strength and love gave hope and courage to many women in the community to tell their story. March 4, 2017 is a day of celebration honoring women’s history, ending the day with an epic performance by internationally acclaimed artist, Sheila E., and the legendary percussionist, Pete Esovedo, also Sheila E.’s father, and Friends that include longtime members of Prince’s NPG band.

Purple Philanthropy, honors Prince’s humanitarianism and philanthropic work by bringing attention to and supporting the incredible work that community-based organizations like Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute (SYLDI) do to develop youth beyond the classroom, focusing on music, arts, and sports education programs. The Montgomery, Alabama based organization founded by civil rights icon, Mrs. Doris Crenshaw develops youth in areas that assist them with owning their journey and guiding them to pursue their education by focusing on careers and skills necessary to be competitive in the 21st century.  Mrs. Crenshaw was mentored by Mrs. Rosa Parks at the young age of 12. “At the age of 12, I received more education than I could have gotten from any university, including life lessons that taught me to stand up and fight human rights for all.  I learned that education is opportunity and voters’ rights are sacred. Mrs. Parks led the youth council with profound courage and strength that I pass on to youth that enter and complete our programs at SYLDI”, said Mrs. Crenshaw.

Sheila E. is honored that she was asked to take part is these historic events. Her life as a female entertainer and drummer, has always included activism for women in the music industry. Sheila E. takes fighting for human rights and dignity as serious as her drumming skills, of which many of these stories are described in her new book “The Beat Of My Own Drum”. Sheila E. is ranked 80 on the Rolling Stones’ list of “The Best Drummers Of All Times”. Sheila E. is a multi-talented songwriter, musician, producer, author, business owner and humanitarian. My commitment to women’s activism is always at the forefront of everything I do, explained Sheila E.

Concert ticket holders get reserved access to “The Recy Taylor Story” featured at Alabama State University that day where Sheila E. will take part in a panel discussion on the subject of “Women’s Activism”.  The pre-awards “Purple Carpet Event” at 5pm and “The Spirit of Rosa Parks Awards” ceremony at 7pm are hosted by comedian Jonathan Slocumb, with music selections by Angella Christie, Dana Joi Morgan and Tribe of Judah. The famed Alabama State University drumline will open the concert.

Tickets start at $45 and go on sale Friday, January 20, 2017 at ticketmaster.com and at the Montgomery Performing Arts Centre’s box office.

Get involved and stay connected on social media at:

Twitter: @_SYLDI

Facebook: SYLDIOfficial


More information is available at: http://www.syldi.org

 SYLDI Sheila E Concert ###

 About Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute (SYLDI)

SYLDI’s mission is to provide opportunity to youth through programs that create policy change in education and protection of voter’s rights based on the legacy of civil rights leaders that gave their lives fighting for freedom and human rights for all. SYLDI established in Montgomery, Alabama in 2004 to train youth 12-18 years of age to combat the inequalities of education.  SYLDI inspires, cultivates and trains youth with leadership potential to bring about a more disciplined approach to problem identification and resolution of issues that impact our education policies.

 About The Recy Taylor Story

Nancy Buirski, Director and Producer of The Rape Of Recy Taylor, the true story of a 24-year-old wife and mother who was gang raped in Alabama by seven white men in 1944.  Recy Taylor’s story highlights the black women who waged war to take back their bodies and their dignity, and by speaking up helped inspire the civil rights movement that was to come. Taylor spoke up against her attackers, putting her life and that of her family’s in danger. Her plight attracted the attention of the NAACP and its chief investigator, Rosa Parks. Taylor’s story dovetails with Buirski’s The Loving Story, which detailed the Supreme Court case that overturned all anti-miscegenation statutes in the country. That ruling came 10 years after Taylor’s attack.  Buirski’s Augusta Films will produce Recy Taylor with Beth Hubbard.

About the Purple Philanthropy Sheila E. Benefit Concert (Facebook: (Purple Philanthropy)

Purple Philanthropy pays tribute to Prince’s humanitarianism and preserves his philanthropic legacy with a benefit concert at Orchestra Hall on Sunday, October 23, 2016 headlined by Prince protégé Sheila E.  Prince demonstrated love and compassion for all people and often used his music to transcend peace, unite people and to transform the lives of young people in his childhood community of North Minneapolis.   Prince did not need approval or accolades.  He gave from his big musician heart anonymously and generously.  Through music, we celebrate his important legacy.

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