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 Las Vegas, NV – Last Friday, Parker Nicklin received the best 18th birthday present that any young racecar driver would dream of. Racing great, Sam Schmidt, sent a letter to Parker advising him that Schmidt Peterson Motorsports desired to be his official development racing team.

Sam wrote. . .

“Please accept this letter as notification of the intent of myself and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports to serve as your driver development racing team for the 2015 season and beyond. It is our desire to provide technical assistance, mentoring, marketing guidance and instruction throughout this process.”

Parker read the letter and ten minutes later read it again. He always dreamed of this moment. He recalls a quiet moment alone after reading the letter saying to himself . . . “this is a special day for me, and Sam sent the letter to me today . . . that means so much to me and my family.”

Parker reminisced about a conversation he had with Sam at Sam’s Las Vegas residence about a year ago. Sam took Parker to a sacred place in his home where he keeps the racecar he was in when he crashed in 2009, leaving him a paraplegic. He said to me at that moment “Do you want to still race? . . . You could end up like me.” Without hesitation, Parker looked Sam in the eye and said “Yes, I want to race.” At that very moment, Parker knew he wanted to be apart of Sam’s racing family.

“With Sam, there’s no nonsense. You get serious, straight talk and all the details on top of that. He’s very thorough. You’re never left guessing about what Sam meant,” says Parker.

Parker Nicklin started racing at a very young age of 3 years old when his dad, Steve Nicklin, took him to the Long Beach Grand Prix. At 8 years old, Parker began gas karting. Just six years later, at the age of 14, Parker graduated to racing cars, including his own Spec Miata racecar. At 15, Parker moved into formula open-wheel cars with Skip Barber. Parker won his first race at the Skip Barber Shoot Out and earned his second racing license. A few months later, Parker raced with SCCA at the Fontana Raceway. Here, he achieved his first podium with a 2nd place finish and his third racing license.

While driving home one day, Parker observed drivers everywhere he turned texting and driving, holding their phone up to their ear to talk on the phone while driving, and other distracting behaviors. He thought about a personal experience of his own when he rear-ended someone after taking his eyes off the road for a split second in order to change the radio station. Luckily no one was hurt, but from that day on Parker vowed to never engage in distracting conduct while driving. He wanted to create a movement. This is what launched “Just Let it Ring” in 2012. When Parker is not on the track, he can be found in Nevada schools promoting safe driving in partnership with the Nevada Highway Patrol. Parker’s goal is to spread “Just Let It Ring” across America.

Sam Schmidt mentioned “Just Let It Ring” in his letter to Parker . . .

“Your focus on the “safe driving” initiative is a strong fit for the demographic of the IndyCar Series; and racing as a young up-and-coming driver, gives your potential for media attention to amplify your safe driving message a great service to all communities affected by the dangers of distracted driving.”

In 2013, Parker won the FCC Goodyear West Coast Region Championship. In September 2014, Parker performed well in his first ProMazda race in Sonoma, CA. Fifteen years later, on Parker’s 18th birthday, his passion, persistence and dedication to a sport he loves paid off royally. After he said THANK YOU, Parker added . . . “I plan to bring my A game to Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. I am ready to go to Indianapolis and learn from the best racing team in motorsports.”

Asking Sam Schmidt what does Parker have to look forward to upon his arrival to the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports in Indy. He responded:

“Moving forward as an official IndyCar Development driver with Schmidt Peterson Motorsports will put a powerhouse of a team and brand behind you from day one.”

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About Schmidt Peterson Motorsports ( )

Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (SPM) was established in 2001 and is owned by former IndyCar driver Sam Schmidt and businessman Ric Peterson. Schmidt was paralyzed (quad) in 2000 after an accident during testing at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando, Fla. SPM fields cars in the IndyCar Series, including the Indianapolis 500, and Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires. SPM is the most successful team in Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires  history with seven championships. In addition, SPM has qualified 14 cars in the Indianapolis 500 since 2001 and, in 2011, won the coveted Indy 500 pole.


About Nicklin Motorsports   ( )

Nicklin Motorsports, LLC began in 2012 by Steven Nicklin, a proud dad desiring to teach his professional racecar driver son the business of motorsports, alongside his passion to become a profession driver on the road to Indy. The company is based in Henderson, NV, just 12 miles from the Las Vegas strip.  It was a 2012 driving incident in Parker’s hometown that gave birth to his advocacy work for educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving.   Nicklin Motorsports was founded on the principal of growing talented racecar drivers and maximizing value for our Sponsors and Partners.  Every decision made at Nicklin Motorsports is made in the best interest of Sponsors and Partners.   


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