About Poster Child: The Kemba Smith Story

In this long-awaited memoir, Kemba Smith shares her dramatic story, as it has never been told. Poster Child: The Kemba Smith Story chronicles how she went from college student to drug dealer’s girlfriend to domestic violence victim to federal prisoner. Kemba shares her story of how making poor choices blinded by love and devotion can have long-term consequences.
Kemba’s case drew support from across the nation and the world. The support prompted then President Clinton to commute her 24.5 years sentence to time served – six and a half years – in December, 2000.
Often labeled the “poster child” for reversing a disturbing trend in the rise of lengthy sentences for first-time, non-violent drug offenders, Kemba’s story has been featured on BET, CNN, Nightline, “Judge Hatchett,” Court TV, “The Early Morning Show; and a host of other television programs. In addition, Kemba’s story has been featured in several publications such as Emerge, JET, Essence, Glamour, People magazines, The Washington Post and The New York Times.

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