Summer Earth, Wind and Fire Summer Backyard Party Promotion Winner

Submitted by: Princess Titus

My Love For EWF starts with a fog machine of an imaginary performance of my favorite song September, the month i arrived as a seperate connected being on the planet,  
it settles me on my dads lap and allows me to think to the background sounds of REASONS, which was the beginning of my possibility thinking which lands me into my purpose walking life i miss my dad,
the creativity of the rhythms and lyrics gave voice to my people and allowed the loosening of pains that can only be moved out of your body from your feet first, with the flyest dances, they are from Chicago and when I miss my hometown I play boogie Wonderland and remember the rich culture created by my people reguradless of the past,  
This is what EWF music means to me.  
I would love to host a summer party (Daughters and Son’s of the Sun) of guests who are interested in the personal responsibility of healing self as a part of the community work that is done.  I would like community organizers to be able to eat, and be fed.  I have heard in all of the circles where people are striving for change that this is the season for celebrating the sun, sharing our lessons learned, and releasing what is holding us back to prepare for the next line of work.  I would like this event to be for those who are conscious, awakening, and asleep, male and female, young and old, who are committed to the movement and progression of our people.  I envision this party being something with meditation, reiki massage, call and response, storytelling and good food.  
Join OMG Media Solutions and Women of Color Media Network in Celebrate. Culture. Community. 2018. at the Minnesota State Fair.  Click here for more information.  To purchase tickets to see Earth, Wind and Fire on Sunday, August 26th, go to:
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